Top 10 Favorite Lipsticks

IMG_0733I absolutely love makeup and use every opportunity possible to spend an hour dong my makeup. My favorite part is definitely lipstick. I am one of those people that can only do one or two different eye looks, basically just with or without cat eyeliner, so I have dozens of lipsticks in every finish and color possible to compensate for my lack of talent with eyeshadow. Out of my countless lipsticks I have narrowed down to my ten favorite to share with you.

10.”Heroine” Urban Decay

I usually prefer liquid lipsticks over regular lipsticks but I really love the Urban Decay Vice ones because there are so many colors and they feel amazing. Heroine is by far my favorite shade out of the like 100 that they have. Blue is not a very easy color to find especially this matte navy kind of color, I think usually it is really dark or obnoxious and bright.


9. “Embellishment” NYX Lingerie

The lingerie collection is mostly nudes but of course I found the one odd color. Usually light purple lippies make me look yellow and sickly but this one is very pretty even on my vampire white complexion. It doesn’t dry out like a lot of super matte lipsticks, it feels creamy and comfortable.


8. “Mugshot” Colourpop

Colourpop is great because they have high quality products that are similarly priced to drugstore brands or cheaper. I Have tried almost all of the different finishes of lipsticks by them and metallic is definitely one of my favorites. Mugshot is a beautiful rusty red, I am obsessed.


7. “Watermelon Soda” Jeffree Star Cosmetics – Summer 2016 Collection

I got this last summer and it is a very odd color for me, I don’t really go for pinks, but for some reason I wore this for like a month straight last year and it was in my rotation all summer this year. Jeffree Star is my overall favorite place to get lipsticks and I am so obsessed that I ordered the new nudes mini collection like 15 minutes after it launched.


6. “Siren’s Jewel” Wet n’ Wild – Midnight Mermaid Collection

This is my first green lipstick and now I want a whole collection of green. I’m not that familiar with wet n wild products but I really love the midnight mermaid lipsticks.


5. “Kapow” Colourpop

Another Colourpop lipstick I love is a Matte grayish mauvey kind of color. I wear grey lipstick more than any other color. I have used this one so much that the logo has rubbed off of the side. I just love this.


4. “Chill Zone” Smashbox

My all time favorite grey is by smashbox. I have so many other shades but this is definitely the best in my opinion. Smashbox makes such amazing matte lipsticks that I would probably wear them every day if they had more super unique colors. (I apologize that the lip photo has pink around my mouth for this color but this was the last swatch I photographed and my mouth was super red and sore.)


3. “Unicorn Blood” Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Unicorn blood is a similar color to Mugshot (#8) but is is matte rather than metallic. It is a great rust color and it smells like rootbeer which is amazing.


2. “Witches” Kat Von D

I am not a huge fan of Kat Von D products but I do really like this black. It doesn’t really have blue or red tone like most others do and I love that. This is one of those colors that I keep in my purse and use constantly.


1.” Bawse” Smashbox

My number one favorite lipstick of all time is the perfect red. I have to actively convince myself not to wear this with every single Outfit of the Day post because I love it so much. If I had to pick one lipstick to wear for the rest of my life it would be this one.


Those were my top 10 favorite lipsticks of all time.

Thank you so much for reading

See you Tuesday for another OOTD



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