Outfit of the Week: Creep Show


It is finally October and I hope you are ready for some amazingly creepy outfits this month because I am so excited. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I celebrate all month long. My First OOTW of October is not super weird or obviously festive for me but it may be for someone that doesn’t dress like every day is Halloween.


My creep show t-shirt is from The Local Boogeyman. They are an amazing clothing company based out of California that recently opened their first storefront (yay!!) in Los Angeles. They also do a lot of work with Rob Zombie (Zomboogey) that results in some great designs.

I am so obsessed with Boogeyman shirts that I steal them out of my husband’s collection to add to my own. Definitely going to plan a trip to LA so that we can visit the store.


Outfit Links:

T-shirt: Local Boogeyman

Skirt: H&M

Lipstick: “Mugshot” Colourpop


Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday


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