Outfit of the Week: Docs and Zombies


I am all about comfort, obviously, and the fewer pieces I have to put together to make an interesting look, the more comfortable it probably is. This week’s OOTD is perfect for just throwing on and running out the door (to kill some zombies). It doesn’t need layering pieces, a belt, or a lot of jewelry, so it is great for when I am running late in the morning or before a show.

I have a few pairs of Dr Martens but these are my favorite. The color is so unique and goes with just about everything. I even included them in my Fall Capsule Wardrobe. I would wear them every day if I could.

The leggings are obnoxiously old, I should probably throw them out, but Hot Topic still sells them along with an enormous amount of other Walking Dead clothing. Visiting the Hot Topic website was like traveling back in time to Highschool and I’m not sure if I could shop there again but I saw some cute things during my brief visit.

My dress was purchased during a recent visit to the Mall of America from Forever 21. I think they have a great plus size section and I was happily surprised to find 0X on the racks. I also ONLY shop in the downstairs/basement sections that they seem to try to hide from their typical customers. I always look through the Festival clothing, mens, and weird red and black mesh and leather area.



Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday!


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