Outfit of the Week: Monochrome Studs


Hello my alternative lovelies.

This week’s outfit is a very simple everyday outfit entirely in my favorite color. It seems to me that everyone has those days where they look in their closet and nothing looks good except that plain black t-shirt and black leggings. That feeling is where this outfit came from. Just because you are having one of those days doesn’t mean you can’t have those small details that make it seem well planed and put together.


Adding jewelry is an amazing way to add a pop to an otherwise plain ensemble. I prefer silver when I am wearing black over my black jewelry and I personally never wear gold (it makes me look yellow). I am also a huge fan of hats; beanies, berets, cloches, they are all great; here I matched my hat to my jewelry. Lastly, gathering pieces with small details rather than plain is a great way to add a little something without actually adding extra accessories. This particular t-shirt has vegan leather shoulders and studs for a not-so-basic top.


Outfit links:

*my exact necklace is discontinued but she has so many amazing and unique designs

Joe’s Jeans is one of my favorite brands of jeans and they last forever.


Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday for my Fall Capsule Wardrobe


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