Outfit of the Week: Ozzy Flannel

Recently I was able to go see Ozzy Osbourne in concert. It was definitely one of the best shows I have been to and I feel very lucky to have been able to go. This flannel was purchased at the show (for $80) and cannot be bought online or in any stores. If you want this you must go to an Ozzy show.


I am sorry to say that unless you already own these shoes or can spend a lot on eBay after a bit of searching, you probably won’t be able to get these Limited Edition Jackass Converse from 2010. I got these shoes at Journeys when I was in high school and are one of the few things I have saved from those 4 years.


Being a curvy girl, I always try to define my waist so I appear more of an hourglass shape. To achieve this I am in love with big belts. Fashion Nova has some great ones but you can find them even at Walmart or Target. I believe that putting a belt or wearing a top or dress that cinches around the smallest part of your waist is the easiest way to give yourself that hourglass. Also, that small part is different on everyone on some it may be right under the bust and others may be just above the hips. This may not work for everyone but it works for me.

Outfit Links

  • Flannel- Ozzy Osbourne Tour Exclusive (other march at: ozzyshop.com)
  • Jumpsuit- Fashion Nova
  • Shoes- Jackass X Converse Limited Edition
  • Lipstick- “Witches” Kat Von D

To recreate this look you can find custom iron-ons to decorate a flannel and replace the laces on plain black converse hightops.


Thank you so much for reading

See you Saturday


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