Classy Maiden

I don’t know about you but I love pencil skirts, they are one of my favorite ways to dress up t-shirts or avoid wearing pants. I was so excited to find this one during one of my monthly trips to the Mall of America. MOA is my favorite mall and is actually the closest one to my apartment. If you have problems with self control when it comes to shopping DO NOT move to Minneapolis because you will spend all of your money.


This is one of my favorite band shirts from my collection. I have been listening to Iron Maiden my whole life, they are my dad’s favorite band (along with Rush). Eddie is by far my favorite band mascot and Killers Eddie is probably the version I like the most. Hopefully I will be able to see them live someday.


I am not the greatest at walking in heels and these wedges were so easy for me. They did not give me blisters and I love the black patent leather look. I only post pieces that I would recommend you guys to buy but I did want to point out how much I love these shoes and how they surprised me.

I usually want to do more affordable outfits that can be everyday or for specific occasions and this outfit is like a weird clothes mullet, professional on the bottom and casual rocker on the top. For some reason I love and I would probably consider it a date night kind of outfit.

Comment and let me know where you would wear this outfit.

Here are the links to each item:


Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday



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