Midnight Mermaid Swatches and Review

I know that this post is a bit late but I just received my Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid collection in the mail yesterday. I order it on Monday the 14th as soon as it released on their website. I was surprised that they did not put the box in a shipping box and it got dented and pretty beat up, luckily the makeup survived. Now lets get to the swatches!

The Liquid Catsuit lipsticks were the products I was most excited for and they did not disappoint. The colors are beautiful metallics. I do think that the dark red Harbor a Crush was more reflective than the other colors and the blue and green were a bit more sheer. That is not that surprising, I think a lot of brands have trouble with the darker, more unique colors.

Next are the Metallic Liquid eyeshadows. I don’t usually do a lot with my eye makeup and stick with a ton of liner but I can see myself using these a lot. If you want really opaque, full coverage I would recommend two coats, which is what I did for the swatches. My favorite is the black one (Mysterious Nights), of course, and it has gold glitter. It did take the most work to make opaque but over a dark shadow probably would not take as much work. The most pigmented one was the Blue (Aquatic Prism).

My least favorite products were the liners, the colors are beautiful but they were pretty patchy. I don’t even have a favorite color in these. I had to go over my swatches so many times to make them pretty and I’m still not happy with them. In the photos the bottom swatch is the Highlighting Bar and I am so obsessed with highlighters, this one is amazing. It is light enough for my ghostly pale skin and looks pearly white in the pan but has a gold reflect. It is so beautiful not just on the face but the bar looks like a cute mermaid tail. I can see myself putting this into my normal makeup rotation.

Overall this collection was definitely worth the $35. I absolutely loved everything except the liners and I will be using this collection regularly especially around halloween.


Thank you so much for reading.

See you Tuesday


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