Vintage Styled Collar Dress

Happy Tuesday!


I love going to antique stores and finding vintage clothes and accessories. I always wear what I find because I believe in using these thing the way they were made to be used and it bothers me when they sit as decoration. I have restored clothes but luckily the items in this outfit were in great condition when I bought them. The two vintage items here are the boots and the cloche hat.

The boots are men’s felt winter boots by the brand Grosch which is from Canada and was most popular in the 1950s. I tried to do some research on them but they have been out of business for so long that I could not find anything else. The store owner told me that he found an abandoned shoe store when he visited Canada and a few old shoe boxes were stored away in the back room and having not been opened in so long preserved the shoes inside. I was lucky enough to find a pair that fit me for only $24. The hat was found  the same day but the tag is missing so I don’t have any information about it’s origin.


Here are the links to the other items I am wearing:

These leggings are my absolute favorite leggings I have ever owned. They are kind of shape wear because they are high waisted and smooth everything so on days I am not so happy with my tummy they make everything better. They are pretty expensive but they have lasted me a while and haven’t stretched out at all. I don’t know how other people feel about them but I love them.

My dress is by Killstar which is a brand that I have purchased quite a few items from. I love their prints and styles but if you don’t like witchy or satanic themes I would not recommend them to you, for me they are a great brand.

Thank you so much for reading.

See you Saturday


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